Earth Quakes

Earth quakes



Mountains crumble

House of cards buildings

Old and new

Obey the ancient laws

And fall







I am afraid

Solid ground liquefies

Turning known

To unknown

In the chaos

I pray

Friend standing with friend

Sees his world fall and crush

In desperation

To reverse the horror

He grasps deadly stones

Inspired with inhuman strength

He drags them from his sleeping friend

He will not wake again

I am in awe

Father across the city

Tries to reach his child

The car is swallowed

It quickly fills with liquid earth

He escapes

Running an hour or more

Through carnage

He finds her

Safe, playing in the park

I am thankful

Somewhere a phone rings

A mother answers

Her beloved child pleas

Rescue me

It cannot be done

As smoke fills the wreckage

Sorrow fills the heart

I weep

So many living souls

Lost in a moment of earth’s convulsion

Again and Again and Again

I am humbled

From countries far and wide

Help pours in

When hand reaches living hand

They rejoice in every tongue

When hand reaches unliving

Gentle compassion flows

I am amazed

Mighty winds stir this fragile bowl of earth

In drought

Rain deserts us

But plenty floods

And we are swept away


Burning fury

Withering heat

To those who fight and fall

Tidal waves sweep land

I am powerless against such might

It is Chaos

Constant murmuring

Breaking the surface

Of our fragile order

I am silenced

There are no words

None but His

None but His Word

Wrung from His bruised breast

Whispered in the calm

His Word to our heart

Word that tells of His Order

His Wellness

His Love through the pain

His Love over all

I am heartsore

I am thankful

I am strong

I am restored

Words by Denise Stanford © 2011

Pictures by Charlotte Dyhrberg © 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 06/04/2011.

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