Dark Garden

Garden dark and fragrant

Orchard of ancient olives




Tis Holy ground I see

There is a man

On bended knee

Deep within the shadows


Deeper than a moonless night

Surrounds His very soul

His head is bowed

His hands are raised

He murmurs

Deep, Low


With pleading supplications

I see Him rise

Looking for those


To stand by

But they are sleepin

They do not see his agony

They do not see

The courts of Heaven

In session

With Justice on the table

Demands are made

Who will pay?

Alone He turns

Again into the grove

Falling face to the ground

Wrestling dark angels

He wrestles

For my soul

The mists begin descending

Over Kedron’s

Quiet waters

Swirling fog surrounds

Shadows move

Unearthly brightness shows

I see…

I see…

Is that an angel?

Bending close

Attending His torment

Urging Him on

His prayer continues


The Devil in the Detail

I am

Witness to the contract

This Tryst of Trinity

Even so

I waver

Sleep beckons me away

Like his friends

I fail the watch

The hours whilst He prays

I drift into a slumber

In half light

Dreaming daze

His words pierce

The weariness

I see His meaning plain

The purpose of His prayers

His heart

His soul

Poured forth

In Blood

In Sweat

In Tears

I stand


Watching Jesus Pray

I hear the words

I own them

My name included there

When to God

In Heaven

He claims

In Me

In You

In them

Then bends

His blood sweated brow

Accepting all

With Willing heart

He takes and drains

That Bitter Cup

In the Garden

Dark and fragrant

He drinks

His Eternal Vow

No matter what the cost

I Will Redeem My Own

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 22/04/2011.

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