This Longing Love

This quote is attributed to the

unknown author of The Cloud of Unknowing

I have no idea

Whose heart these thoughts overflowed

Whose experience of God grew them

Whose pen wrote them

I am only so very grateful they did…

Silence is not God

Nor is speaking

Fasting is not God,

Nor is feasting

Solitude is not God,

Nor is company

He lies hidden between them

No work of yours can possibly discover Him

Save only your heart’s love

Reason cannot fully know Him

For He cannot be thought, possessed or discovered by the mind

But Loved He may be

and Chosen

By the artless, affectionate Longing of your heart

Choose Him then

and you will find

Your speech is silent

Your silence eloquent

Your fasting a feast

and so on…

Choose God

In love

For this blind trust

This keen shaft of Longing Love

Will never miss the mark of God

author unknown  from The Cloud of Unknowing

Photographs © Denise Stanford 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 17/05/2011.

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