The Picnic

Errands brought me to the village

Where menfolk meet

And ladies lunch

Then shop for dinner

Like a flock of bright parrots

These young people settled

Upon the green

Beneath the trees

To share a fish and chip lunch

The table, greensward

The cloth, crisp white paper

Candles of sunlight flickered

Through overhead branches

Music of birdsong joined

By voice and traffic

Life busy around them

At a time of life when

Adult persuasions tempt them to the core

They escaped school for time out


Delighting those who saw

It was sweet with innocence

And older hearts rejoiced

This salad day moment

Re awakening hope that youth

Was not all ‘gone wrong’

With laughter bright


They shared in mature togetherness

Not attention seeking

But safe

Content in this

Down to Earth picnic

Many murmured delight

So proud that our kids

Could do that, this way

Leaving all as they had found

Neat tidy grass

Littered only by autumn leaves

I hope they will find again

Moments such as these

To fill and refill

Memory banks

With precious moments

I hope too that I


Will mimic

Capturing the chances

On impulse

To honour ordinary moments

With an unrehearsed

Celebration of Life

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 01/06/2011.

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