Do You Do Hand Knitting?

I am no good at Yes or No

As answers

They are never enough

The girl behind the counter asked

Do you do hand knitting?

I hesitate

She is after all

Putting balls of yarn and needles in my bag

But it’s the way she asked the question

I’d never heard it put that way

Hand knitting

Yes I do hand knitting

It sounds so nice

Usually people ask

Do you knit?

Except for a long time now

No one has asked at all

Things are changing

I nod my head

She confesses

“I’m just starting

You know, learning how to do it”

From the look on her face

It’s not going so well

“Stick with it

You’ll get there”

I say

“It’s worth it

In the end”

Is it though

How many times have I started?

With all the hope in the world

Put in all that effort

If I don’t flag or fail

Lose the pattern

My place

A stitch or ten

Or persist

Only to end up with an


Huge saggy

Out of shape thing

That I hide away

Or donate to the Oops Shop

But once again like the wild wolf call

When the rain sleets wet and grey

And the wind carries an Antarctic blast

A distant oh so faint click clack

Makes me want to leap at a sheep’s fleece

With two sticks and call it wearable

Unable to resist

I take myself to the shop

And there I find

Arranged row upon row

Yarns of every texture and hue

Animal or man made

Chunky or fine

Lumpy, tickly, sequinned

Fluffy, freckled or plain

I get so excited

I cannot help myself

Once again I am hand knitting

But perhaps another reason emerges

When I see this photograph posted

On the computer

One of our Grandsons, Toby

‘Camping in pjs and a ma knit beanie!’

I glow with pride

Hope leaps alive

And off I go again

Yes I do hand knitting

After a fashion

And yes dear one

Do try

Again and again

Because it is worth it

… in the end!

Words, Photographs (and Beanie) © Denise Stanford 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 10/06/2011.

6 Responses to “Do You Do Hand Knitting?”

  1. Love this Denise. Love Bev

  2. I am also a hand knitter Denise! I loved this post! And the sweet face at the end would keep me knitting too! I was just told by a young lady last night “I don’t have any grandmas or a mom that makes things by hand, this is SO special.” I had just given her a baby blanket. It will be a lost art someday Denise, maybe we should make a pact to try to teach at least one person how to hand knit before we die.

    Because a darling grandma taught me.

  3. oh enjoyed this …. and how cute is Toby …… with his beanie ….. gorgeous wee man X

  4. Thanks Robyn yes Toby is adorable, so is his brother Joel… so precious x x

  5. Fiona I’m in…
    I had the joy of helping a neighbour’s child learn to knit a few years ago, I was so honoured to be asked, can’t promise it took but if any one else wants to have a go, give me a call lol…

    You are right though… along with hand made patchwork quilts, crocheting and embroidering those baby blankets… (Where do you buy your wool?)
    We need to pass on those very special skills that tell children and all our loved ones, ‘you are worth this time and effort’ x x x
    Keep up the good work my friend x De

  6. Thanks for taking the time out Bev, stay safe x x x De

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