I was cosy abed

Turning in warm hollow

I sensed his wakefulness

Voice conspired with brain

Reminding aloud

A lunar eclipse

Happens this dawn

Before I know it

We’re in the car

Bundled against chill morning

Seeking a rare Glimpse

Of a ‘central lunar eclipse’

Earth’s shadow flushing out

A full Blood Moon

In the predawn darkness

We fail to see

Glimpse of moon

Or Eclipse

Heading further west

We realise

We are too late

However the Chilean volcanic ash cloud

Toying with earth’s air spaces

Will treat us to a dawn

Of rosy brilliance

We park along the ridge

Make tea from the flask

We talk

And talk

And talk

Before us the earth rolls away night’s curtain

Revealing once again Bright Sun

Colours from creator’s palette flush

Mists rise like smoke from burnished waters

Of sea and stream

Frost shimmers in the half light

The morning star taking its time

To fade

Everything is washed

With light

The sky

The ground

Us watching

It is beautiful

And I am reminded

How we can hide behind

Day by day routine

Stitching the tongue still

So things remain unsaid

Distances become greater



Eclipsed by ordinary

Until it dawns

We witness again the

Awesome majesty of new day

Acknowledge Creator

Of Time

Of Space

Of Relationship


Something lost

Is found

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 01/07/2011.

2 Responses to “Eclipsed”

  1. My amusement at the humorous beginning was soon overtaken by the profound meaning of this Denise …. I love your writing – it makes me think about things I normally wouldn’t think about – and I really enjoy that …. I find it challenging and stimulating ….. thank you X

  2. Denise this is encouraging – i appreciated the ‘we talked’ ‘and talked’, it sounds inspiring, how i yern for this to happen, occasionaly i get a glimpse of lengthy indepth exchange of hearts, but not often. Such a treasure. And magnifcant photos depicting yet another painting of the master artist.

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