Of Gold Of Grace

I love archaeology

A tiny golden bell lost in Jerusalem some 2000 years ago during the Second Temple period and has been found among the ruins near the Old City. Source: AFP



Shadows of the past

I read an article

In The Australian

Found here… Link

About a tiny golden bell

Found beneath

The ancient City ofDavid

It causes me to think…

Along the streets and alleys of old Jerusalem

Sat the beggars

Bundled in rags

Hidden from view

Only a hand




Awaiting jubilee


The beggar hand

Would reach

For the ringing hems of rich men

Hoping for their fortune

To fall

For it is there

Tiny bells of pure gold hang

Singing out God’s favour

Perhaps today good fortune

Would favour the brave

Perhaps today

One of those bells would fall

Into a beggar hand

In his household

The rich man’s wife

Keeps a handmaid

Plying needle and thread

Her job

To stitch and restitch

Each piece of gold

Secure to the fine woollen hem

To ensure God’s favour

Does not fall

From her husband’s coat

But another man

Walks Jerusalem’s

No gold hangs from His hem

Another woman comes

Risking all



Her lost dignity

To reach for His hem

Her need is great

A woman whose duty is

To care for her husband

Her sons

Her household

This woman could do none of it

Because she is cursed

The blood constantly staining her linen

Sets her apart

Making her unclean

According to theTemple

Unclean of spirit too

Unable to touch or be touched

By her husband

Her sons


To care

To cook

To keep house


To cradle

To caress

As she so longs to do

Unable to join the sisters

At the market

At the well

Unable to celebrate

Unable to join Prayers

To the Sacred

This woman

Unable to touch or be touched

Sets out to reach for His hem

The hem from which God’s grace falls

Not golden bells

The crowd is thick around Him


He, a Rabbi

A Teacher

A Good man

She afraid of staining

His good name

His Sanctity

But still

Compelled she follows

Throwing herself to the ground

Into the camel dung

A beggar in the dirt

She crawls

Reaching for His hem

Hung about with

Golden Grace

God’s mercy hoped for

God’s mercy found

With the lightest touch

Her fingers stroke the rough wool

In that moment the bleeding stops

As He feels her touch

She feels the healing

Deep within

No longer stained

No longer unclean

He stops

Looks for her

Raises her to her feet

Holds her


Blesses her

Now made whole

In another street

One tiny golden bell

From a rich man’s hem


Rolling into the gutter

A tiny golden bell lost in Jerusalem some 2000 years ago during the Second Temple period and has been found among the ruins near the Old City. Source: AFP


By wind

By rain

It drops

Into the sewer far below


2000 years later

It is found

It is celebrated

A testament to ancient times

All this while

God’s good Grace

Has fallen

Freely, freely given

To those who reach for Him

Words and watercolours © Denise Stanford 2011

Article from The Australian… Link

Photograph: AFP

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 01/10/2011.

3 Responses to “Of Gold Of Grace”

  1. wonderful post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I’m confident, you have a great readers’ base already!

  2. beautiful …

  3. I am Blessed
    when you
    take time to pause
    read my words
    leave precious gifts in response
    Thankyou x D

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