Airing of the Quilts – Braidwood

It’s a sleepy little town

Not far from Canberra

Nestled amongst rolling hills

Secure in a time warp

Steeped in History

Braidwood, NSW

Each November

Patchwork quilts

Of every shade and hue

Are hung from iron lace rails

An airing of Australian quilts

Truly a sight to behold

The whole town

Enjoys the gathering

With markets, old car displays, open gardens,

Art exhibitions, rug displays

And quilts

Angels hang in St Bedes

Raphael stirs the waters

More quilts hang quiet

Making stained glass dowdy

Most quilts are cotton

Some crazy quilts are of embellished silks

But I am entranced by the Waggas

These are Woollen quilts

An Australian tradition

Sometimes the wool is in the piecing

Men’s fine suiting

Scottish tweeds

Sometimes woollen blankets

Are used as wadding between cotton layers

The market is busy

Alive with



Anything to do with patchwork

Nothing to do with patchwork

We find a sheltered spot for lunch

Taking in the delights

Tasting fresh country produce

In fresh country air

As quilts flutter in sunny breezes

Many appreciate the hard work

That makes them

There are conversations

Stranger talks to stranger

Finding just one thing in common

They are strangers no more

Outside a shop

I linger over a rack

Where quilt tops hang

Made in another age

They await new homes

A new opportunity

To be joined with stitches

To make the finished comforter

Music drifts on the air

Buskers and Line dancers

Old showing the young how

Braidwood celebrates Tradition

I add a new hope

To my bucket list

Before I die

I’d love to see one of my quilts

Aired at Braidwood

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2011

To find out more about ‘Airing of the Quilts’ at Braidwood,NSW  click here

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~ by Denise Within the Vine on 21/11/2011.

2 Responses to “Airing of the Quilts – Braidwood”

  1. Oh this conjures up some wonderful images …. loved it !!!!!!

  2. You went i’m thinking – and lingered, – took in all the sights sounds and vision. Thanks for sharing it would make a a great advertisement!

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