Hold Lightly

I see a snowflake

Unique by design

Lace frost



Upon my sleeve

In a moment of madness

I long

To Hold

To Keep

To Possess

But with

One touch

It is gone



Another settles

I am still

I watch


More than I see

Of the beauty





Catching the light

Water drop


With full impact

A lesson is

Driven home

Hold lightly

To all God Gives

Unclasp the closed hand

Withhold the crushing

Allow His Grace to fall upon you

Do not try to possess

But be possessed

Do not try to own

But be owned

Do not try to lead

But be led

The mantle of Spirit gifting


About you



Savour this Mystery

These cannot be earned

Nor purchased with mere gold

You cannot make them your own

‘Hold Tight’

‘Try Hard’

Do not belong here

They are heavy ownership words

They are

False impression

Fear Full

But accept


Be the Present Witness

Allow Him to hold you in the moment

Allow His Blessings

His Grace

To fall Soft

They are entailed

Gifts Bestowed

By Generous Heart

You cannot own

For God shares them

Allow them to be


Freely Given

Freely moving on

When the Spirit wills


Delight in them

Do not suffocate

The Inspiration

It takes



Whole heart


Loving sighs

Gentle breaths

Trusting heartbeats

To be led


To His

Creative Adventure

Live soft with God

Allow His Spirit

To alight

Like gentle zephyrs

Upon your soul

Arousing to flame

The fire within

Words and photograph © Denise Stanford 2011

Snow photographs © J Stanford 2011

Inspired by Teaching at Barrabool Hills Baptist Church

by Matthew Jacoby on Matthew 19 v13-26

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 08/12/2011.

2 Responses to “Hold Lightly”

  1. My goodness you are a blessing Denise. This just made my week. Profound simplicity and truth. God had this poem in mind when he gave us words and creativity : )

  2. I am Loving His creative adventure… thanks Clarkey x

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