Meditation – January 2012

I will bless the thirsty land

by sending streams of water;

I will bless your descendants

by giving them my Spirit.

Isaiah 44v3 CEV

He is

Your Refreshing

Allow Him

To shower you


His Joy

His Blessings




Hold wide your arms

Within the Spindrift of

His Reviving

Turn your face

To His Outpouring


His Love

His Grace

His Guidance

His Correction

Allow His Blessings

To soak

To cleanse

To annoint

Making you ready


Be Filled

Be Satisfied

Be Generous

Be Willing

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2012

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 01/01/2012.

7 Responses to “Meditation – January 2012”

  1. Stunning dear friend x

  2. Hi Denise
    Just wanted to let you know how encouraged I am by your poetry and photos. Have you ever published them in a book? I look forward to reading more in 2012. Bronwyn

  3. The key words for me in this Accept and be Willing. Such beautiful words to begin the New Year. Love your pictures to.Thank you Denise.

    Blessings Gail

  4. It is a privilege
    To be part of encouragement
    God wants to stir within us all…
    Thank you

    A book? You think so???
    Thanks for the confidence in my work Bronx x x

    Gail you are a generous woman
    Have you noticed
    It is often those simple things
    The things we want to do or be
    That we crave
    That end up being
    Impossibly hard…

    Until we turn it all over to Him
    x x x Blessings for a Happy New Year

  5. Thank you for this beautiful and timely reminder
    blessings to you

  6. Thank you Denise. Yes we have to be cleansed and prepared for the inflow of His blessings and His Light so that we can be a joy and a help to others. Thank you for this reminder. I am now so aware of how we need Jesus and there are so many who ignore that and try to make do themselves, when in fact the whole world from the East to the West is groaning for Him. His love. His peace. His joy. I pray that for you. Thank you for being such a blessing to all of us.

  7. We cannot expect to be perfect
    To come to Him
    Perhaps not always clean
    But willing
    He is our freshness
    It is He who bring us
    Back to life
    Not through any effort of our own
    But through receiving willingly
    His Spirit
    His plan for us
    x x x D

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