Point Impossible

The path leads skyward

I make my way


The track



By recent rains

Soon has me bogged

My helpmate rescues

Leading me to firmer ground

He walks ahead to check the way

Through the dunes

Past Melaleucas

Pressed low by winds

Lower still

Salt bush

Heath myrtle

Correa bells

Upon the rise

A Great Southern Ocean

Comes into view

Deep blue green

Constantly moving

Helpmate finds a place for me to pause

I can go no further in my wheelchair

My legs too weak for a steep decent to the shore

He goes ahead with camera

To capture the view

To be my eyes

My inspiration

I am alone amongst the Dunes

Closing my eyes

Soaking up the freshness

Nearby sand scatters in the wind

Brush beside me shakes with hidden wild

Wallaby, lizard, native rat

Even endangered bandicoot or fairy penguin

I see no one

On the distant horizon

A thunderhead

The deluge

Fills the gap between sea and sky

I am content

I am at peace

Here amidst

The Beauty

The Peace

God’s Creation

Far from Pure

Far from Simple

I am Grateful

Surrounded by His plenty

How I long to dip toes

In Autumn chill waters

Walk the long beach

Surf the waves


I’d rather be here



In a wheelchair

In the presence of My Lord

Than running through the dunes

Without Him

Like the melaleuca

I am laid low



By the winds of change

By the harsh weather

By storms of Life


He uses all

He is carving Me

Sculpting Me

Creating a work of art

Of deeper beauty

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2012

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 31/03/2012.

7 Responses to “Point Impossible”

  1. Beautifully gracefully said! What a treasure you are! You are blessed

  2. Denise this is a beautiful reflection, thank you for sharing your perspective of what so many of us take for granted, reminding us that there is always much to be thankful for.

  3. Denise this is is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever read – I especially loved he part where you wrote that you would rather be in the dunes in the presence of God than walking on the beach without Him – that is so so special and so true …. thank you for blessing me in this way X

  4. Beautiful words Denise. I really liked that last picture. At first i thought of ringing hands but then no, more like the gentle flow of lives entwined.
    Blessings Gail

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

    (and stunning photos.)

  6. Your encouragement is so precious x x thank you all

  7. Hello Denise, I just love the beautiful photograph’s of Point Impossible, especially the big sweeping one with the person and their dog. Our Lord has certainly blessed you with inspirational writing. Beautiful words, and O how true!
    May God continue to bless and keep you,
    Murray Turner.

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