Make Do and Mend

Once again I gaze

At the crisp cotton shirt

I found at the op shop

It fits just right

Is beautifully finished

Except for the sleeves

Instead of buttons

There are just holes on both sleeves

For cufflinks

Which I do not own

For long enough

I have put off solving the problem

I set out

In search of the things I need

In doing so all kinds of things come to light

I find lost earrings

The lost ‘pearl’ from

Another pair

I find the makings for 2 sets of ‘cufflinks’

First things first

Using clear stretchy bead thread

I join an ordinary button to decorative button

The button is small enough to pass through the holes

The decorative button is not

I create a short shank between them

Because the thread I used is stretchy

I can leave them buttoned

Slipping my arm through with out undoing them

Now to mend the earring

Using a lump of yellow tacky

To hold the earring

I glue in place the lost ‘pearl’


So all up

By looking for one solution

I found a great deal more

I have gained 2 sets of pretty cufflinks

A usable crisp cotton shirt

Regained 2 pairs of earrings

It’s a win win win win situation

It certainly pays

To Make do and Mend

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2012

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 22/05/2012.

4 Responses to “Make Do and Mend”

  1. Hello Denise,
    I couldn’t agree more. I was given a very expensive black bag because the owner had lost the decorative piece on the clasp. I would not spend in two years on clothes what that bag sold for. I found a really nice little wooden broochy thing at the discount shop. Glued it on and then coloured it with black texta to match the bag. Voila! a new bag. I get a kick out of mending. I still turn frayed collars on my husband yard shirts and darn his socks.
    Your blouse is a very pretty blue and I like the cufflinks.
    Blessings Gail

  2. well done, i say, it is rather satisfying when we take the time to partake in these little adventures!

  3. Gael the bag sounds great clearly you are a skilled make do and mender. Joyceline I found real pleasure sitting on a pile of discarded wood offcuts at the tip, collecting free firewood to boost the red gum we burn in our heater. Every successful save is a joy!

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