Friendship Files – Bling and Personality

So sad

This Child

Small Pale Limp

Like a plant

Dying of thirst

I suggest

We walk and talk

She begins to relax

Confesses miserably

“No one in my class wants to be my friend”

“Tell me, who you’d like as friends”

She speaks names

The popular

The pretty

Those who sparkle

With bling and personality

Anyone else?

She shakes a sulky head

She pours out a litany of times

She has tried to be friends

They just don’t listen

They ignore her efforts to be friends

We talk some more

I offer to help her work it out

She looks at me doubtfully

Without telling her

I arranged with her teacher to visit the room

I sneak in

Settle at the back

Watching events unfold

Tamsyn sits at a desk

In the middle of the room

To her left and behind her

The Bling girls

I watch as one brushes past Tamsyn’s desk

Papers flutter to the floor

Bling keeps on walking

No apology

No effort to help pick them up

Miss Personality leans across

Takes a ruler

From Tamsyn’s desk

Without asking

Without thanks

No connection at all

No attempt to return it

At the end of the lesson

The ruler is dropped on the floor

Soon the teacher

Tells Tamsyn to tidy her things

Another girl Annie

Helps pick up the papers

Little Annie





Bright as a sunflower

Smiles Tamsyn’s way

But she is not seen

Tamsyn only has eyes

For Miss Bling

For Miss Personality

The whole drama

Takes but a little time

I don’t doubt

It plays out


Every day

In many ways

I wonder what it is

That keep us

Floundering in shallowness

Hopeful of a turning tide

Of friendship

Drawn to those who misuse us

We invest

We dream

Hopeful of winning them over

Bling and Personality

Keep Tamsyn interested

Blind to other possibilities

By marking her card

They give her hope

But leave her disappointment

It is an

Abuse of convenience

Next time we chat

She remains devoted to

Bling and Personality

I ask about Annie


“She sits next to you in class”

“Oh yes…I don’t know her”

“She helped you pick up those papers”

“Did she???”

The Gentle Annie

Had not even registered

On Tamsyn’s radar

I am amazed at how soon

I see

Tamsyn and Annie

Together in the playground

When next I visit the room

I note

Tamsyn’s body language has changed

Her desk now tidy

No longer ‘available’

To Bling and Personality

They don’t like the changes

They try to get her attention now

Poking her in the back with a ruler

Throwing paper pellets her way

Tamsyn continues working

A reassuring glance at Annie

Keeping her firm

When the teacher asks the class

To gather in groups

Tamsyn & Annie are joined by others

And I make a note

To include

Bling and Personality

In the next of my group activities

Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2012

Names and details have been changed

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 06/06/2012.

3 Responses to “Friendship Files – Bling and Personality”

  1. I guess we’ve all been there. To be honest, I think I’ve each of them at times.
    Blessings Gail

  2. Yes we all make mistakes, raising awareness and enabling change for each is what matters. Blessings

  3. powerful. beautiful.

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