Knitting Again


I’m knitting again

Following a pattern

To the letter

Knitting baby pastels





I have no idea where I’m going 

No idea what I’m doing 

Just following instructions

Step by step
Placing markers

Signposts for direction


I’m uncomfortable

It isn’t making sense

I’m not sure where I am

I prefer to be in control

To know where I am going



Pattern writer 

Instructs changes

Slipping stitches

Onto waste yarn

Suddenly this knitted mass falls into shape 


And I can see 

I had not realised

I’m knitting from the neck down  

A first for me 


A seamless top

With raglan sleeves

Side fastening



Quickly now it takes shape

I am thrilled



How often do I stall progress

Because I cannot see the road ahead

How often I need 

To just trust 

The Great Pattern maker 

He knows best

He knows the bigger picture

He Knows 

I need to learn

To look for the signposts 

To trust 

To follow

To believe

He knows best!




Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2012

Pattern: Puerperium and Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 27/07/2012.

3 Responses to “Knitting Again”

  1. so true my dear friend, so wonderful when we can look back and see how it comes together

  2. For me, I have to read right through a sewing pattern and see it all in my head and know that I will be able to sew the item..before I am willing to start the…fear of getting stuck and not knowing how to do a certain step. No wonder I am in a rut, and scared to get out of my little world, full of predictability, and step into a new place where I am not sure of the next step. It gets down to choice and trust, and following HIS pattern for my life, because my agenda is like a messed up ball of wool..

  3. Oh Deb i am so honoured you visited my blog thank you soooo much x x x
    You are not alone… there are many who like to cross every t dot every i thinking by doing so they will avoid ‘ disaster’ an difficulty
    Trouble is we cannot avoid these things they will happen to the good and the bad regardless of whether we deserve it or not.
    And by being ‘in control’ we miss the surprises, the spontaneous, and mystery revealed – we also miss discovering how resourceful we can be.

    Be patient with your self Deb you may discover the wool that looks tangled is something wonderful waiting to be revealed strand by strand x x x

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