Raw Live and Naked

I sit in the pantry

Considering the shelves

Searching for inspiration

To prepare dinner on

A day humid and hot

39º C (102 º F)

Our meal needs to be





I invent

Jewelled rice

Carrot and beetroot salad

With mixed salad greens

For  Jewelled Rice


Cook a packet of Tilda Basmati Rice

2mins in microwave


Add a generous handful

Soft semi dried Cranberries

I toast a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seeds

In a heavy hot dry pan

Add to rice

With a pinch of sea salt flakes

Fork through

Allow to cool


I need to use my new toy

A shredder slicer

So I

Peel a good sized beetroot

Top and tail a few carrots

Then grate them together

Simple as that



Glowing colours

DSC_0180 - Version 3

Grow or buy

Mixed salad greens

Pick through and refresh

In a bowl of cold cold water

Spin to dry


Chargrilled some pork medallions for me

Hubby has tofu

Dinner done

With fresh ripe mangoes

For dessert

There we have it

A meal

Raw Live and Naked

Well mostly!

Nutritionists tell us we need to eat a rainbow

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables

I do believe last night

We came close

With just the one meal


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2012

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 10/12/2012.

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