Father Song

Version 3

I step into the early morning air,

It is crisp, clear, the freshness awakens me

The Sun is rising; it spills golden light all around

I see tiny dew drops edging each leaf, soon they will be gone

Seen by my eyes alone but here too I see The Father’s Hand

Version 5

Nearby Magpie lifts his head, warbling a purlieu song

That claims all I see as his own.

My tree, my roses, my garden, my abode

My own; he tells the world loud and clear


Creator God, You Paint the day

You Smile at the treasures I find

You walk with me, You remind me I Am

Your Child, Your Joy


Oh how I delight in You, in this Your abiding love

As I lean in close You lean in closer

Breathless I know, I know I am known

You lift Your Head oh God and Sing Your Father song

You claim me as Your own and willingly I stand as Yours

My mind  My soul  My heart  My Love My all

All Your Own

Version 3

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2015

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 15/09/2015.

One Response to “Father Song”

  1. What a beautiful encouragement these words are to me today. Thank you

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