The Year Ahead


In the Year ahead may you, yes You, be Blessed in a way that leaves you amazed, wondering at the mysteries of God – in ALL His Glory.

I pray it will be so very special for you; a personal connection that will leave you with a real sense of hope.

God met me in my deepest need; with answers far beyond my expectation – the same awaits you in 2017

I pray you will find plenty of encouragement here, Within the Vine.

Happy & Blessed New Year


 Words and Photograph ©Denise Stanford 2017

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 02/01/2017.

2 Responses to “The Year Ahead”

  1. Thank you dear friend.
    May the one who created you and delights
    over you continue to meet you in the deepest places, drawing you closer to Himself.
    Blessings 💙

  2. Thank you dear Denise. May you too experience a special encounter with our Lord, always seeing the “Son” behind any dark place.

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