sydney trip 6.08 009It was a lovely photograph.

A selfie taken by a man who clearly adores the woman snuggled close behind him. 

Her face lay against his shoulder, her arms draped around him in restful reassurance.

All who gazed at it felt the warmth of the sun

Could smell the ozone of the changing sea

We smile at their togetherness…

Well, all but one



The woman looked at her own image and saw only imperfection.

She picked away at what she saw, tearing it down

What she spoke over it wiped away all joy of the moment

Clearly there was relational breakdown here, but not what you might think.

The couple, still very much in Love, is together and happy to be so.

No! The relationship that has broken down is with herself

In criticising herself she curses that which was intended for Blessing

That which God intended for Blessing

I do it

Most of us do it, if not all.

That critical glance in a mirror or shop window

That murmured put down

That self judgement to a standard held so high

That moment when a compliment is replaced by a barb

‘You look lovely’ met with ‘Oh this old thing’

When the reason for  thanksgiving is tossed aside as no such thing.

sydney trip 6.08 017


Recently I asked my husband if I did anything he didn’t like

His yes came as a shock!

He told me I was

Far too self critical

Far too negative about myself

At first I denied it but he turned a mirror on me that day

He enabled me to recognise

How I Slash or Tear at my Self image

How I curse myself

We prayed

I prayed

I asked God

Show me how this hurts You

I believe He did

In Psalm 139 He shows me how treasured I am

Through Song of Songs how beautiful I am

God loves me as I am

He loves me so much

He put Himself through Hell literally for my sake.

When I attack myself

I deny that Beauty

I deny all the Bounty

I deny all that Love

I hold myself to a Higher Standard than God

What Arrogance!

To call God ‘LIAR!’

When I put myself down

I open the door to the Enemy

I invite Satan in

I give him the weapons

I show him the targets at which to strike

Then I help him

By cursing myself

ocean3 - Version 3

He is the thief

He wants me to plunder God’s treasure

He wants me

To deny truth

To believe lies

To live the curse

Doing this

I curse

That which God made for Blessing

Doing this

I curse

That which God set apart  for Himself



In the Old Testament I read

Of the lavish Glory and Beauty built into God’s Temple,

I read of the desecration of that Holy Place

With Lies

Foreign gods

Profane deities

Crude idols to Baal and Asherah

God’s Word says I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit

But so often

I daub those walls with graffiti

With Lies

I am no good

I am nothing

Too fat

Too thin

Too wrinkly

Too old, too grey

Too short, too tall,

I am ugly, disabled, weak, useless…



Tell me you’ve never said any of that about yourself

They are lies

All lies


We need to stop

We need to stop the curses

We need to stop cursing ourselves

No we are not perfect

We are being perfected, in Christ

We are Worthwhile

You are Worthwhile

It is time to

Accept all God has blessed you with

Time to accept

All God has Blessed

With you

sydney trip 6.08 010

Psalm 139

Song of Solomon

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Words and pictures ©  Denise Stanford-Buller 2017

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 11/08/2017.

3 Responses to “Worthwhile”

  1. Thank you dear Denise. We all need that reminder .

  2. Denise. Thank you so much for reminding me how we all hurt God when we speak negatively about ourselves, HIS creation.
    We are indeed beautiful women fearfully and wonderfully made ( psalm 139:14). Wonderful are His works, and that my soul knows very well.

  3. You hit the nail on the head Denise. I need to read this every day till it sinks in.

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