Salt Pig; This Way or That

IMG_4370Many, many years ago I bought this Blue Glazed Terracota Salt Pig

From a Roadside potter in Claire SA

There were dozens of them in different sizes, colours

Lined up in rows upon a shelf

Many times I have

Used it, washed it,

Refreshed the salt

It stands in my cluttered kitchen

Working reasonably well

Though when the level drops

The salt is out of reach

And my hand gets stuck reaching for it


I see them everywhere 

In shops for the home cook

I had wondered about the name

Why Salt Pig?

Was it when cooking pork

The salt brings up the crackling?

A few weeks ago after washing it

I was interrupted

I put it down not so carefully

It rolled over settling amongst  the tea towels

When I returned, suddenly I could see what I had not seen before

On its side now


The little nubby handle at the top became the piggy nose

The rounded belly held the salt!

Oddly enough it works better this way!

I’m probably telling you something you already know,

But I’d never seen it this way!

It wasn’t ‘sold’ to me that way either

And this is how God teaches me…

Through ordinary everyday things

Seen in a slightly different way

My Salt Pig leaves me pondering


Why had I passively accepted

The way it was sold to me

What else do I accept in the same way?

Of course, we are not talking about Salt Pigs now!

We are talking about so many things

Beliefs, Ideology, Boundaries…

Self Talk, Identity, Self Image

What have we readily accepted

Because it’s been ‘sold’ to us that way?

What have we been told

That we’ve repeated as Truth

Without really knowing?

Without challenging what do I believe?

Without waiting on God

So through His

His Word

His Grace

His Mercy

His Love

His unconditional Love

So He can show another way of seeing things

Is it time

To start these conversations with God



Waiting for

His responses

His quickening

Within You


Words and pictures ©  Denise Stanford-Buller 2018

 From the Archives: The Salt                                   saltgrns3

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 02/05/2018.

2 Responses to “Salt Pig; This Way or That”

  1. Greetings Denise,

    It was such a pleasure meeting you today, and I thoroughly enjoyed our brief chat. Your insights written above using the salt pig as an analogy about ‘what to we readily accept’ all the time is so true, and a question that I’m finding myself more often now asking myself. I want to be more attuned to The Holy Sprirt and what He has to say. I’m so glad we can rest in the promise, that He will lead and guide us into all truth. I love that God uses the ordinary everyday things around us, to teach us fundamental truths.



  2. It was a huge joy to meet you Sarah I look forward to getting to know you more. As Mighty and Glorious as God is He teaches us through the smallest things, His Holy Spirit prompts amaze me… when I take notice that is. I am guilty of being far too busy far too often x Sometimes I’ll take a photograph of a flower but only when I enlarge it on the computer, do I see the tiny spider hiding within! Blessings x

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