Last of the Summer Wine

IMG_0461It is autumn here in Australia; the Vine is vibrant with colour.

Nights have become chilly and while some days are cooler, others surprise with heat; a perfect Indian Summer then.


My needles have been busy producing Hugs, the collective name I have given to anything from tippets to shawls, including scarves, neckerchiefs, shawlettes, stoles and snuggle rugs.

Living with Post Polio Syndrome, the Pain, Battle Fatigue, increasing weakness and all that goes with it, has robbed me of many things. I cannot do much now… but I can still knit.


I have chosen to concentrate my efforts on knitting these Hugs, with a view to donating them for Fundraising events.

If individuals want to buy them, I would give a guide price and ask they donate to one of the many ministries at our church.


The latest ‘Hug’ to leave my blocking boards is lovely.

Hand dyed, lace weight Superwash virgin wool knitted on 4 mm needles, much larger than recommended for this weight yarn.

The pattern, ‘Interlude’ by Janina Kallio has produced a small shawl that is light and lacy.

IMG_0433Shades of a cherry red splash across the fine yarn with an occasional shock of white; it reminds of a good red spilt across white linen.

I bought the yarn in someone’s destash sale, from Schoppel the colour Beerenhauslese roughly translates as the last berry harvest.


It brings to mind the last harvest of grapes, happening in Australian vineyards just about now.

Winemakers will be hoping the Autumnal changes have brought on “Noble Rot”  or Botrytis. This is one blight they hope for since it brings new depths to this last of the summer wine.

So you see age and blight can sometimes bring unexpected rewards!


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2019


~ by Denise Within the Vine on 25/04/2019.

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