All Westie Rescue


I can vividly recall the first time I saw dogs rescued from a puppy farm. Dan pulled up flustered, tears in her eyes, her car full of crates.

She had been part of a Puppy Farm Rescue and overwhelmed by the experience, she needed a chat. Together we looked at the dogs cowering in the crates.

Only one dog was able to come forward when I cooed at them. She licked the back of my hand, head held low, fearful eyes switching from one to the other of us, it almost broke my heart.

After all the dog had been through at the hands of Man, that gesture was miraculous.

Dogs are put to breed non-stop from their first season. The conditions in which they are kept are harrowing.

No supervision will safeguard her when the male is put in with her and left.

No vet called when she gives birth to the puppies.

No special diet to nourish her. The puppies will take all the nutrients they needed from the mother and if she had congenital anomalies those are be passed on as well. 

Whoever buys puppies from such breeders would have to meet exorbitant vet bills to correct the problems, or abandon the pups altogether. Always insist on seeing the mother of any puppy you buy.

It is astonishing to watch the progress and recovery of these dogs… some so traumatised it takes years to gain their confidence, just like Ned.  (pic above)

Danielle at All Westie Rescue uses an holistic approach with amazing results.

The dogs, who seem so old when they arrive, with time and tender loving care, slowly become younger, discovering a puppyish and playful demeanour previously smothered with the burden of breeding, far too early.

They come alive, to reveal their individual loving and loyal characters, like Miss Merry seen here.

Image may contain: dog

AWR also takes in pet Westies that have been relinquished because of need, domestic difficulties or changes, ill health or problematic behaviours. Again the changes in these are amazing.

No Westie is too damaged to be taken in by AWR, and if their abuse has taken too much from them, they pass away loved, cherished and respected as never before.

The dogs are given such love and care the results speak for themselves.

Donations are welcome anytime but on Mother’s Day Weekend Auction will be held to raise much-needed funds to help cover the considerable vet and food bills  (see their Facebook page) 


Knitting a couple of shawls seems like something so small to donate.

The Mohair Hug or ‘Mo’ shawl is white and furry like the West Highland Terriers themselves.


Worked on 4 mm needles to a Janina Kallio pattern called Paddington’s Garden, it isn’t large (I ran out of yarn) but it is warm, cosy and so soft.


A Highland wool blend was used for the other Hug shawl, Wisp; it’s a kettle dyed superwash yarn.

Knitted on 4 mm needles using a pattern by Nora Backlund called Reyna.


Each is donated in the sincere hope that AWR can continue the amazing work they do to bring these darling dogs back to life and health, and share with their new, respectful and responsible owners the laughter, delight and loyal love these dogs were born to give…

Words Denise Stanford 2019

photos – All Westie Rescue – Australia with permission and Denise Stanford 2019

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 11/05/2019.

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