About: Me

Hi I’m Denise Stanford                           img_0700

I have a background in all sorts of things including a conflicted childhood, nursing, teaching & counselling, parenting but that’s only some of my experience

I’m an imperfect, Christian woman, fallible friend with heaps of interests, who loves writing

I have qualifications: RN BA (Ed) MACM (Theology and Counselling) but the more I studied the more I discovered how little I really know and…

…how much more there is to discover in Life

My biggest achievement, apart from my own family, was to help pioneer the role of Primary School Chaplain in Victorian State Primary schools in Australia

Post Polio Syndrome and  fatigue now disables me, but I face each day as it comes

I love life and smile as much as possible

I Love God too and endeavour to develop an Intimate relationship with Him

Everything I do is with Him in mind…

I am:

a loved work in progress

widow to my late hubby

mum to our two sons

mum in law to two beautiful and intelligent honorary daughters

ma to our lovely grandchildren

newly wed to another wonderful man

and step mum to his two adult kids

Life never stops giving!

Within the Vine is my first blog

Here I hope to share through poetry and prose, humour, romance, relationships, Primary Schools Chaplaincy experiences, Encouragement, Christian Inspiration, experience with Chronic health issues, memories – the few I have left, Patchwork Quilting, perhaps cooking discoveries for my enforced gluten and dairy free diet… pottering in my garden, photographs I take, some of my art works and down the track I’d like to include some of my stories, for you & for the children… phew need a lie down!

Being mindful of what Jesus said regarding the vine (Jn 15v5)… we are the branches, providing support, and shelter for one another, drawing all we need from Him.

I hope that is what you will find here Within the Vine.

Nothing written Within the Vine is presented as authoritative direction; it is merely a journal of thoughts, memoirs, and reflections.

I’d love to hear from you, so I’ve provided a private post box under Sharing, into which I pray you will place a note, questions, a response or feedback

I will endeavour to respond Within the Vine

Thank you for coming to share this time and space – prayers and Blessings go with you.


© Denise Stanford

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