About: Within the Vine

Within the Vine is cool and shady.

Here water plays to a background of birdsong

Green moss and curling fern fronds soften rock

Sunlight or moonlight pattern changes and stained glass glistens

Peaty earth, jasmine and honeysuckle combine with the essence of wood and stone

 Within the Vine butterflies lay their eggs, dragonflies perch with the sun catchers.

Come autumn the vine leaves change colour and very gradually carpet the ground red and gold.

 In winter the sun shines through bare branches until spring when the first buds swell with promise.

 God is near

I listen for Him

Here Within the Vine, all I see of Him percolates with His Word

I know Him, I Experience Him…   I breathe His name and give thanks

Within the Vine

I write, paint watercolours, patchwork, lick my wounds, study, puzzle, pray, recall chaplaincy issues

or just relax and contemplate…

Always time spent with God, centred on Him, listening for Him…

Watching His creation, waiting for Him to bring to mind truths to make some sense of all that happens in Life.

Within the Vine is a soft place to fall                                                                      

A place to sit and ponder,

To be found, inspired, encouraged, restored, understood, supported and empowered – creatively with empathy and love

 There is another kind of Vine to be within… Jesus said I am the Vine and you are the branches (Jn 15v5)

 I claim this as an intimate and living relationship with God… something I am everyday a part of,  something I share with others who believe in the same way.

 Within the Vine, hope shares

I cannot give you my faith but I can share from my faith walk…

some special moments, memories, experiences and my take on life 


My hope – to be fruitful, to share that fruitfulness with you – Within the Vine

photos and words  © Denise Stanford 2010 

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