Be Still

Be Still instead of Weary

Give away your fears

Be Still instead of Angry

Give away your tears

Be Still and Know His Comfort

He Freely gives His Grace

Now matter where you are Friend

No matter what you face

For He will Still Be with you

He will Still Be God

He will Still Be Faithful

He will Still Be All

He walked dark halls and dungeons

Where prisoners chained may be

So He could Still Be with You

You may Still Be free

He wandered in the Wilderness

Told Satan he can leave

For you will Still Be God’s own Child

If to Him you cleave

Be Still instead of frightened

Claim Christ your Shield in all

Be Still instead of beaten

His Freedom Trumpets Call

For He will Still Be standing

He will Still be Word

He will Still Be Victor

He will Still Be Lord


 Inspired by  Psalm 46 v10

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 30/03/2010.

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