Of Psalms, Prayers and Spiritual Songs

In another Age

 By candlelight

Long before the printing press

Quills held in Scribe hands

Scratched word by Holy Word

Working oak gall inks and exotic stains into cut vellum

To produce a Psalter or Illuminated text

Only the wealthiest believer would have access to

A personal copy of the Psalms

Or the skill to read it

I like to imagine the Word of God moving ahead of church establishment this way

For a follower of Christ, to take his life in his hands and carry the message abroad

To take a handwritten Book of Psalms, carefully copied, colourfully decorated

Open the pages and astonish those around with stirring yarns, lessons, poetry and to sing

Praises to God

Sharing the delight of God’s Word and literacy all at the same time

I aim to follow in steps of old


I found a beautifully bound book and set out to create my own ‘Psalter’

I choose to copy short passages rather than whole Psalms

Those I use for prayers, thanksgiving, meditation and encouragement

Lacking the skills of Scribes and Illuminators I copy carefully

Just working with God’s Word in this way gives time for it to soak in

To settle deeper  

I decorate the pages with simple pen and ink sketches,

Or scrapbook papers and stickers

Searching for just the right image

At times I add meditations, poems

My own psalms or songs to God

I carry it with me

Whenever the chance arises I open

And there before me I have the means to settle my spirit and praise God

Knowing I am upholding a tradition of the Family


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 14/04/2010.

2 Responses to “Of Psalms, Prayers and Spiritual Songs”

  1. Love this…

  2. Dearest Melissa be Inspired… try a page or two for yourself

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