True Diamonds

He comes to me in the first light of morning

Our regular pot of tea brewing on the tray

This morning is different

He brings a gift

He offers me his treasure and I open it slowly


He brought me diamonds

Strung on drooping strands

Intricate spirals of silver threads

Hundreds of tiny delicate diamonds

My delight is beyond bounds

Together we view them

Reflecting this morning light

Together we smile

It is a treasure he found

A treasure he wanted to share with me

He found a way to gift me with this splendour

A way to keep the gift forever

The spider’s tree-dressing happens overnight

By the time I am up and dressed

They’re gone

With their diamond strands

But my treasure is right here

I have the photographs,

I also have the man who noticed

The man who thought to include me

The man who thought to gift me with this wonder

Herein is a precious treasure

Indeed these are True Diamonds

Photographs © Ken Stanford

Words and watercolour © Denise Stanford

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 29/04/2010.

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  1. Hi thanks for posting thiss

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