I Am Restored

He lays nestled in my arms, on the verge of niggling

I gaze at him, eyes meet and we hold

He is young, so young not yet a year old

He knows nothing of attentiveness or active listening

But he returns my gaze, my interest

I murmur-words, of no meaning to him

Just gentle undulations of tone that barely break the air

A soft and gentle lullaby to soothe

He watches my mouth and returns to my eyes


I smile He trusts

There is no fear

No objection

I am captivated

He is fascinated

Mutually we create a timeless cocoon of togetherness

Delicate invisible strands join us

Nothing else creeps into this space we have found for ourselves

No one else just now

It is strong

It is healing

It is of the creator

He closes his eyes safe and content

He sleeps

He trusts abundantly

It is comfort

It is peace

I am grateful he gives to me this gift of time, of precious memory

He is not my child

We have no biological connection

We have a spiritual connection

We share the same Father

For now, I am his guardian

I have sworn a silent vow

With every fibre of my being I would keep this child safe

As safe as I am able

In this exchange I am the winner

His mother enjoyed an all too brief rest

He slept

But I am restored

Set back upon my feet to stand tall with all Womankind

Women who are empowered by the giving of themselves to others

Knowing the She-Cat-Calm of Wife, Mother

In quiet strength Caregiver, Nurturer

Photographs © Matt Stanford

Words © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 12/05/2010.

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