Say Now I Love You

 Say now, I love you

Say now all the year’s worth, as if they will not be

Tell now Togetherness Tales

Rummage the treasure trove of memories and sweet moments

Those private particulars

Of your love

 Of your union

Do not let go sweet encounters

Clasp tight unashamed the Truth of feelings

Though fleet, so very real

Measure the longing

Each sigh a thousand breathes for One Love

Connect and reconnect

Eye to eye

Soak in the Heart of it

The miracle of two strangers intimate

Become one before God

Husband and wife

New His first couple

To call His garden home

To walk in the evening with God

Curl into the curl of one another

Skin on skin

Know by touch, with eye closed

The splendour of Beloved

Hold tight the memory

Do not let it go

Engage senses,

Explore and rejoice

Whisper sweet tenders upon the ear

Breathe soft your joy of them

Let go unkind words
Hasty hurts

Life too short is passing now

No regrets only Love, True Love

To recall

And hold

And know

When flesh has failed and one must go…

Words and watercolours © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 13/06/2010.

5 Responses to “Say Now I Love You”

  1. gulp…
    yes, you are way more than what your profile states.

  2. A beautiful poem from an even more beautiful soul… thank you for those inspired words…

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  5. Speechles dear friend – such beautiful words

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