New Psalm 1


I am painfully weak

And growing weaker

This battle demands courage

And the Strength I seek

Does not belong to me

 When with efforts bold

I raise the sword once more

Feeble arms cause me

To miss the mark

And once more curse my soul

 I steel myself adjusting armour

Taking to the field with tightened belt

And socks pulled high

Only to trip falling once more 

Stumbling like a drunken child

But there upon my knee

Head bowed in humility

Spent beyond my own

Full knowing

I have nought to get me home

 I fall again into Your Glorious Grace

You are there, not far from me

I hear whispered ‘stand tall’

With legs a tremble and quivering arms

I stand again amidst the hoard

 But see them not

With eyes fixed upon your Face

My chosen purpose Your Cause

Full surrendered, I am stronger than before

Surrounded by Angel Armies of the Lord

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2010

 Inspired by Psalm 11  The Message

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 07/07/2010.

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