Welcome Stranger


The town is a buzz

Has been for a while

Hosting The UCI Road World Championship

Is a big deal

New colours

New faces

New languages

Interesting people

To speak with

Share with

Cheer with

To make welcome

Sadly not everyone welcomes

It is a weakness amongst some

To be ungracious hosts

No outsiders welcome here

“We built it

It’s ours

Go Back To Where You Came From”

Their grasp is firm

Their grip kills





A grip controlling

Their World

For fear others

Strangers and Strange Ways


Change it

Denying them hard won spoils

Refute their claim

We met it

Many years ago as new comers

Eggs thrown at our windows

Rebuffs by neighbours

The kids met it at school

Other outsiders our only welcome

Thankfully not all are like this

Those who hold the old ways tight in their grasp

Are a dying breed

More and more new life blows strangling sighs away

With these Strangers came strange ways

With some inconvenience

Roads closed at times

Access denied

Traders may have missed a few sales

They grumble

But many others

Found the pleasure


Staying home

Spending less

Entering in togetherness



Cheering Champions




Sitting back

Watching the show

Too soon the carnival moves on

We return to everyday life

The better for having experienced

The better for having shared

The better for having risked


In 1869 the largest gold nugget recorded

Was found in Ballarat, Victoria

Named ‘The Welcome Stranger’

I am certain it brought both pleasure and pain

We need to openly







In Cities

In Lives

In Churches

In Nations 

In Everyday

For how it strengthens

For all it teaches

Of the world beyond

And all it brings to our door

So they may hope

So we may grow

Words © Denise Stanford 2010

Photographs © Ken  and Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 04/10/2010.

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