Prayer Bracelet – Resurrection Bead

LISTEN  – Rest with the Silence Bead

Then Consider


Jesus Christ

Nailed to a Cross

Thought to be Dead

Thought to be Silenced

Thought to be Powerless

Humanity would be

The Divine cannot be extinguished

God turned it all around

Redeemer found His voice

Spoke Truth into the lie

Defeating Death

From the Caverns of Darkness

God spoke Life into a whole new realm

The separation between God and man

Had been an impenetrable rampart

God swept it aside like a gossamer veil

Death had bound us with a terrible Darkness

Total absence of Light

Eternal separation from God 

But from Christ’s Resurrection we can enter

Into the Presence of God

To the Heart of True Love and Power

There to Behold God

There to be Held by God

Within Godhead is timelessness

And all time

Atomic unity Indivisible

Energy, Power and Strength – all Love

In God we are Nothing and Everything

Lord I know the words

But the full meaning is beyond me

I do know You want me

In an Intimate Relationship

Every part of me

Every minute


As your Death and Resurrection

Opens the Godhead

Help me to open to you completely

 ‘There is a light that conquers dark. Never cease to hope for it. Long for it, Pray for it, Hold the pearl and pray for hope, and renewal. Ask God for faith, peace and light.’ Fr Lönnebo



Then before you leave


Thank Him for meeting you in Prayer


Words and Photographs © Denise Stanford 2010

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 26/10/2010.

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