Orb Weaver


Wandering the dark garden

Torch in hand

I spy the silver light of spider web

I stand in awe and watch

Orb spider weaving her wheel

She is large

Her creation is huge

She is common

So they say

To many

She is dreadful

If she were crawling

On me

I would shudder and run

But high above the garden

Busy in her business

Defying gravity

Spinning silver

I can only admire her

Waiting for the wind right

She had abseiled across from tree to tree

3 metres at least

Secured more leaders

Then rested

I watch now as she arranges the spokes to her wheel

At the heart of her orb

She creates a labyrinth

Her own resting place


Spinning a sticky spiral

From outer in

Back legs hook the thread

Crocheting it into place

One deft stroke

After another

Spinning the impossible

Working her way

On and on

Centreing herself

Now and then

She paces the night exercises


For herself

Her eggs

By morning all would be done

Her orb taken down

Until sun sets

When evening’s breeze returns

And she repeats her manoeuvres

Despite wind


Bird blunders

Human collisions

Even in zero gravity space capsule

She is Resilient

And in this I see God

In this I see His imagination

In this I see His lesson

No matter how tough life is

I am to work

I am to rest

I am to centre again in Him

Finding the balance

The purpose of Life

In Him

Too easy to turn in horror

Too easy to crush

Too easy to be crushed

By Difficult

Too easy to miss the Miracle

In the Frightful

Words Denise Stanford © 2011

Photographs Ken Stanford © 2011

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 02/03/2011.

3 Responses to “Orb Weaver”

  1. Wow – your words are amazing… Your refelctions are just lovely…
    But must saythe picture frightened me LOL!

  2. One of those moments! Thanks Caroline

  3. Incredible photography De …. talent ++ on it’s own ….. your written words inspire me, stir my emotions, bring up the deeply hidden tears and make me a better person ….. love u my friend …. X

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