Making A Ragged Quilt

I cut 6 squares

Of soft flannel cotton

Colours fixed in salt rinse

With cuts along weaving lines

Weft and Warp

I collect my sewing things

Pure cotton thread


Bees wax


I make sandwiches

Of  colours

With white between

I pin


Running thread through wax

To polish and strengthen

I hand back stitch

One to the other

Leaving a 1 inch edge

A machine stitch would do

So begins the beginning

Of a Ragged Quilt

I will need more flannel

Much more

112 coloured squares

56 white flannel squares as batting

Each square 9 inches

Allowing that 1inch seam

On each side

I piece by piece

According to the plan

Seams exposed on one side

Joins aligned

On the other

When complete

I fray the edges

Then using special shears

I clip’n snip

Making Ragged those 1 inch edges

To finish

A turn or two in  a washing machine

Helps finish the Ragged look

The Ragged Quilt





A comforter

For sick days and story time

For cats and Kids

And Young at Heart

Photographs and Words  © Denise Stanford 2012

Fiskars make a set of shears especially for Ragged Quilts

My Ragged Quilts are a variation of a Raggy Quilt the instructions for which can be found elsewhere on the net

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~ by Denise Within the Vine on 20/03/2012.

2 Responses to “Making A Ragged Quilt”

  1. gorgeous!! If you need more fabric for Micah’s quilt please send me or let me give you money – don’t want you spending money on it – your time is worth so much already!! xx

  2. Are you kidding I’m enjoying sewing it and using leftovers.
    Ah the joy of patchwork lol x x x hopefully it will be done before the cold weather sets in x x

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