Blogger’s Block



I am in the thick of Blogger’s Block right now…

There’s no lack of ideas…

If I’m truthful

There’s no lack of time

Though the birth of a gorgeous new grandson… and other things means I’m busier…

No, it must have a case of lazyitis

Yet I wonder why now when writing is, and always has been, such a pleasure for me?
Why now do I avoid one of the things from which I get such satisfaction

I don’t have a huge readership, just a dear and much loved one

Yet when I push that button and find these words are being read all over the world

Whether they are found by accident or by design

I am truly thrilled…

The thought has fluttered by more than once

Perhaps its time for a change…

Perhaps something more chatty more journal like hmmm!

Instead of???

In addition to???

I wonder????


And of course the longer I leave it

The worse it gets…

Isn’t that the case with so many things

That apology

That explanation

That well done

That thank you

That I like you…but




I begin writing this

As a comment on another blog

An article about Bloggers Block

As I write my mind ticks away

I enjoy the oh so familiar joy

Of writing

Of finding words, phrases,

And the thought occurs to me …

What if


I Cut and Paste this to my own blog

Breaking the blockage wide open…

I do Cut and Paste

But I add more…

In the hope it is as simple as that

Just start writing!

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2012

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 15/10/2012.

One Response to “Blogger’s Block”

  1. It’s funny how writing about bloggers block actually fixes or cancels out the block!
    Denise, thank you for your words.
    I have been encouraged from God’s word, how we are representatives of Jesus and of His character of Love and peace.
    It’s been a great revelation how wherever we go, we can use our mouths to speak words of life into people’s lives and their situations.
    What a powerful and wonderful privilege.

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