I Confess

confess ph1

When I began Within the Vine

I intended a soft place to fall

A place

Of Delight

Of Reassurance

Of Encouragement


When the man loses his job

When the friend is diagnosed with a tumour

When the baby expected with joy

Fails to grow

Stops moving

confess ph2


Soft places are hard to find

Soft places are hard to speak of

Soft places are hard to take

When all else is comfortless


I forget

I forget all of us have hard times

I forget

If I stay silent in hard times

I permit that dark angel

To stop my words

To stop my pictures

To stop The Message

confess ph4

So I Affirm

God is here

Even in the Hard Times

Even in the Dark Days

Even when the place to fall

Is Rough

Is Bleak

Is Savage

I am reminded

Write Life

Write the Light that shines

In my own Dark Days

confess ph3

Write Reality

Write Fulness of Truth

Write of Fears that arise

Write of that Calm Voice

Stilling the Storm

The friend is

Stronger than tumour

Victories have been won

The Fight continues

Though denied  work promised

New Blessings give opportunity

For Man to work

A  little for pay

A lot for no pay

And the wife learns to budget hard

confess ph5

And the baby?


Sooner than expected

After much prayer

He Grows




Much Joy

Many Smiles

Much Thanksgiving

From once worried hearts

But even before the story changes

I pray

This can truly be

A Place

To Delight

To Reassure

To Encourage


If I tell all

I can tell

All is not lost

confess ph6

Photographs and Words © Denise Stanford 2013

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 25/01/2013.

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