Holding On


My world now

A whirlpool of emotions

Mostly low and lower

Finding a breathing space

Shocks me

It is dark

The day has been


Tomorrow promises

More of the same

Before bedtime

Friend comes

With tears in her eyes

Love in her heart

Born of Friendship

Born of God’s Lovefeldspar2

She places gently

Into my hand

A small bag

Silky soft

But heavy with its burden

Like my heart

‘Something for you to hold onto’

She says

Within is a stone



Of Beauty

Of the Earth

She holds me

She prays for me

She disappears into the night


That Day we held

The Dust of his body

We thanked

We prayed

Before letting go

An Earthen vessel gone

Returned to the Earth

From whence it came

His Soul returned to God

From whence it came


All that remains

His love

His stories

His laughter

His special ways

His uniqueness

Our memories

The pebble sits

Comfortable in my hand

Reassuringly solid

I will learn to allow

Those memories to

Sit comfortable in my heart


The rock

Something of the Earth

A dull grey green

Feldspar – Laboradorite


With illumination

There is play within

Light Returning colours

Making a gem of it


I do hold on

Solid Assurance

All is not lost

Just Changed

I hold memories

I hold joys

I hold sadnesses

I hold experiences

As couple

Become part of who I am

Now as one



God Holds me

Nestled safe

In the palm of His hand

With Illumination

There will be play within

His Light returning colours

Making Gems

Of us all…


Words, Photographs and Painting © Denise Stanford 2013

From the Archives:

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~ by Denise Within the Vine on 03/08/2013.

3 Responses to “Holding On”

  1. Beautiful, Denise, reaching the hearts of all who know loss, grief, pain, solitude, joy, grace and love. May your own heart be knit with His, who knows all our pain better than we even do. Rosemary

  2. Denise, your words in poetry are simply beautiful to read, and so healing to the soul.
    The friend you speak of, …what a precious gem, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, to visit you at just the right time.
    I love you Denise, dear sister in Christ.
    Hold on to Jesus,…He is faithful.

  3. Denise, as I’ve often said, you are such a good writer. You express yourself so well and just reading your blog often
    affects me emotionally. It’s a gift and we are privileged to have you share your gift with us. You are an amazing woman of God and I admire your faith in Him. Keep going and growing, my dear friend. Love you.

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