But Not Alone



But not alone

As clouds dance across blue sky

Sunbeams chase shadows

Lizards seek warmth

Pobblebonks call from their pond

Birds busy in the day

The house dogs lead me

Through their garden

I find a rose, almost perfect

Fallen too soon from its bush

Only a few rain-stained petals

To spoil the perfect bloom

I carry it with me


When I find the bench

I know

Though a stranger to this idyll

It’s where you would sit with me


You and I

As so many times before

In gardens gorgeous


I place the rose next to me

Sitting there as Peace

Trickles down

In honour of our Love

I stay a while


Then moving on


But not alone

I carry still

The Love we grew

The Love that grew us

The Love that yet lives

That perfect bloom

I leave the rose

An offering on the altar

Of what might have been


Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford 2013

Thank you Bungawarrah.

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 05/11/2013.

One Response to “But Not Alone”

  1. thanks Denise for this.

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