Free At Last

Version 3

I just saw a lovely pastel sketch of a ‘butterfly’ and woman merged into one mythical creature

The title of the piece declared

Free at last…

We may long to be free of the restrictions being human brings

to feel freedom like the creatures of the air

even on a spiritual level


But before the caterpillar becomes ‘free’

it must first submit to a kind of death

to a death of familiar

death of safe

death of known

death of its old life

its old ways

its perceived power and control

it must submit to the silence and isolation of the cocoon

it must submit perhaps to the unknown…

It must trust instincts inbred

to find

that right place

that right season

to weave a cocoon in the right way


entangling oneself within

remain completely vulnerable

and wait

whilst changes of mammoth significance occur

not once questioning or interrupting the process

Version 2

Perhaps if we

Listened for God

in Silence

In Isolation

trusting Him

to provide

the right time

the right space

the right season

to follow where He leads

Obedient to His promptings

Not insisting on

our way

our time

our terms

our conditions

our control

To leave ourselves open to Him

become entangled in His Word

to remain vulnerable to Him

defenceless in the face of

Who He Is

Then perhaps we will find

that prison gate swinging wide

right where we are

And take flight in Praise of Him

He is the Key

to true


Version 5

Words and Pictures © Denise Stanford-Buller 2016

~ by Denise Within the Vine on 11/10/2016.

2 Responses to “Free At Last”

  1. A great blessing to read your post, Denise, thanks for sharing. Rosemary

  2. Thought provoking. Thank you.

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